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Why use Dental Implant Information?

There are 33,000 patients looking for information on dental implants in the UK EVERY MONTH.

For a much better understanding of the role of the internet in implant marketing, watch our video here

These patients are looking for a dentist they can trust, but how can they tell? To the untrained eye, everyone looks like an expert, even if you have only had an afternoon training on implants. If you don't know what you are looking for, you will differentiate on the only thing you can quantify - price. This would be fine if it was possible to make a valid comparison, but we all know that some practices are very misleading on cost, with "implant only" pricing and many other hidden extras to get someone booked in for a consultation. That coupled with the fact that every patient may need slightly different treatments, mean that a consultation is essential before a truly accurate cost can be given.

Our UK site has been highly effective at attracting patients, and we have now updated it's infrastructure to make it easier for you to evaluate how well it performs in engaging with patients. People find the site while searching on Google, watch the videos, understand what is involved and then either find their nearest dentist on the site, or contact us directly for advice, and then we send them on to the most appropriate member practice.

On our new site, there are many new features including a searchable database of patient cases, which means patients can find you by the quality of your work as well as your location!

We allocate a freephone number to every practice. This is unique to you, and rings directly through to your practice. One of the “intangibles” of the old site was that we couldn’t tell if someone got in touch because they had seen you on the site, unless they actually told you. Now, we can tell exactly, and we even record the call and send it to you, so you can listen to it before the patient comes in for their consultation, and understand their needs, and hopes for their treatment.

The benefits of being a member go way beyond the site itself:

  • We continually promote your practice through our social media channels to our thousands of followers.
  • You get a free assessment and "tune-up" of your own website from our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts who will make a recommendation on how you can improve your own website's visibility.
  • By linking to your website, we improve it's visibility to search engines

We are building a (strictly limited) network of the 150 practices nationwide that are most committed to patient care. This gives a population pool of at least 400,000 per practice, making sure everyone gets value from the site. Only practices that meet the required standards in our Patient Charter are allowed to have a presence.

Why do patients love

  • The largest source of unbiased information on dental implants on the internet.
  • Accessible advice through a 24 hour helpline.
  • Videos from credible dentists answering all of the common questions prospective patients may have on dental implants.
  • Reassurance that patients will find a practice that has already committed to key standards of care in terms of experience, service and truthfulness.
  • A one – stop shop to find the information they need, and a dentist they can trust.
  • A Patient Charter defining the standards and elements for a good treatment experience.
  • "The six questions SOME dentists don't want you to ask" free download empower them to know how to spot the best dentists!

To find out more simply click here to email us and we will call you right back.

For a much better understanding of the role of the internet in implant marketing, watch our video here

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Andy Smith


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  • Avoidance of future problems
  • Qualified / Experienced dentist
  • Quality of outcome / appearance
  • Willingness to have a two - way discussion
  • Cost
  • Feedback from other patients
  • Friendliness of the practice team
  • Comfort / ambience of the practice